"Seismic has been used in oil and gas exploration since the 50s. And it continues to be the primary method. Without seismic offshore, you don't have exploration."

- Neil Paddy

Seismic surveying is the main way in which companies are able to locate oil and gas reserves under the ocean's floor, and has been the primary method of surveying globally for over fifty years. In Newfoundland and Labrador, seismic surveying is regularly conducted and has been a valuable tool for the province to grow its oil and gas industry, and to attract further investment.

This seismic data, which focuses on the geology under the sea floor, is used by oil and gas companies to present a greater picture of the underwater landscape, giving clues to the presence of hydrocarbons and other indications of rich deposits of natural resources. Without seismic surveying, there would be no offshore oil and gas industry in Newfoundland and Labrador today.

Contributor bio

Man wearing glasses looking into the distance

Neil Paddy, New Ventures Manager
PGS North and South America

Neil Paddy has worked globally with PGS for more than twenty years and is now based in Houston, Texas where he commutes regularly to St. John's in his role as New Ventures Manager for North and South America.