"We're all out there on the ocean. Our primary goal is to have as little impact on the local fishing industry as possible. We make sure that happens with constant communication."

- Neil Paddy

For businesses like PGS, a global seismic surveying company, collaborating with the local fishing industry is critical, as is ensuring seismic surveys result in minimal disruption to the environment and the marine life that call it home.

By communicating with fishing industry representatives through the planning process and being flexible in its approach, PGS works to avoid any space sharing conflicts that could arise. This consideration starts long before the season does. In preseason planning meetings, PGS shares their routes and potential survey sites so that they can come up with schedules to mitigate their imprint on the ocean. Once the season starts, weekly check-ins with local fishing industry representatives help ensure that any issues are heard and handled.

Sharing space on the ocean successfully comes down to three things "” efficient planning, effective communication and flexible scheduling.

Contributor bio

Man smiling while looking into the distance.

Neil Paddy, New Ventures Manager
PGS North and South America

Neil Paddy has worked globally with PGS for more than twenty years and is now based in Houston, Texas where he commutes regularly to St. John's in his role as New Ventures Manager for North and South America.