"I've had a lot of opportunities within ExxonMobil to work in different locations, in a variety of roles as far away as Australia. But there's something special about being able to come home and have a meaningful career here."

- Carolyn Barnes

Carolyn Barnes has been working with the Hebron project for almost three and a half years and with ExxonMobil for over 15 years.


Is working in NL's oil and gas industry rewarding?

Absolutely. Hibernia contributed to the Province in a very positive way at a time when the fishing industry was struggling. I am proud to be working in our industry, which develops the resource in a way that’s not only socially responsible, but it’s also a huge contributor to the quality of life of all Newfoundlanders and Labradorians.


Why do you choose to live in NL? 

Newfoundland is home for both me and my husband. While we love traveling and seeing other parts of the world and experiencing different cultures, there’s just no place like home. It’s where we grew up. It’s where our families are. I think Newfoundlanders, in general, always have this draw to come home. And with the industry here, we’re fortunate to have the opportunity to have a meaningful career at home.


What’s your role at ExxonMobil?

I’ve had a lot of different roles over the years and each one has challenged me in different ways. But my current role as the Safety, Security, Health and Environment Supervisor for Hebron has been a pretty incredible ride. It was likely a once in a career chance to be part of the Hebron project as it transitioned from the construction phase in Bull Arm through the tow to field and into production. It’s been exciting and challenging, but it was also fun.

Part of what I do now is supporting the day-to-day execution of our operations integrity management system. That covers a lot of different things from risk management to how we manage our work offshore, from incident investigations to emergency response. But ultimately it all comes back to keeping people safe and protecting the environment.

What do you like about the work you’re doing?

I like that safety comes first. My dad passed away when I was a small child. So, I know what it’s like to grow up without a parent. That’s why I believe the work that we are doing is so important. The reason I do what I do is always with the intent of ensuring everyone goes home safe to their family.


Do you feel you’ve grown professionally at ExxonMobil?

I’ve had different roles in my career and each one has challenged me in different ways. I’m constantly learning new things. When I think back on when I graduated, I have grown so much and changed in so many ways that I never would have anticipated. Working with ExxonMobil, I’ve had the opportunity to travel the world. Working with different people in different cultures broadens your perspective.

It’s been an amazing experience to be part of Hebron from the construction phase through the regulatory approvals to getting the facility towed offshore and into production. On November 27, 2019, we celebrate the second anniversary of first oil. I’m proud to have been part of that journey.

Contributor bio

Carolyn Barnes, Hebron SSHE Supervisor

Carolyn Barnes works as the Safety, Security, Health and Environment Supervisor for the Hebron project. Her work with ExxonMobil has taken her to Alberta, Singapore, Guyana and Australia. Her husband also works in NL’s oil and gas industry.