“Unlike other aspects of our operations that may be proprietary, there is no copyright on safety.”

- Mike Doyle

As CAPP and operators work to continuously raise the bar for safety in Newfoundland and Labrador’s offshore, a series of workshops began in May to gather information and share best practices among operators and contractors.

Mike Doyle, Team Leader of Safety for Suncor Energy, chairs the CAPP Atlantic Canada Safety Committee — the body responsible for the workshops. Since operators share some of the same contractor workforce, he said it only makes sense to find opportunities for alignment and improvement.

“We’re always striving for world-class operations here on the east coast, and we truly believe you can’t do that without engaging the contractors that work offshore day-in, day-out. After all, who better to ask: How can we improve? What does excellence look like? How can we get better aligned?”

The five workshops were held online because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Each one centred on a different safety theme and included presentations from contractors and operators. The forum created a space for candid discussion about how things currently work and where alignment among operators, and between operators and contractors, could enhance safety performance.

For example, Doyle noted several suggestions stemming from a session about safety alerts. Contractors indicated a desire for a universal template to highlight key facts and lessons learned, consistent processes for logging and tracking safety alerts, as well as a common platform for sharing data and information that could include searchable keywords and tools for trending analysis. The use of personal videos was also suggested as a powerful tool to reach workers. Contractors furthermore stressed the importance of regularly scheduled collective check-ins, similar to the workshop model, to ensure open lines of communication.

Doyle said the information from these workshops will set out the work plan for the CAPP Safety Committee moving forward.

“Unlike other aspects of our operations that may be proprietary, there is no copyright on safety. So if we share best practices, understand from those executing the work what great safety performance looks like, share lessons learned, keep communication lines open, and a network of contacts current, we then have an opportunity to elevate the concept of continuous improvement. At the end of the day, it is about being stronger together and thereby safer together.”

Contributor bio

Mike Doyle, Team Lead Safety & Emergency Management
Suncor Energy, East Coast Operations

Mike is responsible for the safety of people and assets and ensuring a robust emergency response capability. He does this while maintaining a continuous improvement and operational excellence mindset. Mike is also Chair of CAPP’s Atlantic Canada Safety Committee.