"Safety is the most important pillar of the offshore industry. The team at RelyOn Nutec Canada makes sure that before anyone steps onto a boat, flies in a helicopter or works on a rig that they have the skills and knowledge to do so safely."

- John Hapgood

Safety First.

Long before workers even set foot on an offshore installation, they must undertake rigorous safety training to prepare them for any challenge they may face. Worst-case scenarios may never happen, but being educated and drilled in proper responses is a necessity to work in the harsh offshore conditions of Newfoundland and Labrador.

This is where RelyOn Nutec Canada comes in. As world leaders and providers in survival situation training, they are one of the training institutions in Newfoundland and Labrador that work to make sure that everyone who chooses to work in the offshore oil and gas industry shares the knowledge and tools to come home safe and sound.

Through an intensive five-day BST (Basic Survival Training), participants learn the ins and outs of the offshore industry. This safety training is the bedrock of our trade, teaching everything from basic firefighting procedures to helicopter emergency training. People learn by doing, and by offering realistic simulations of emergencies, one on one coaching and a final, full day of at-sea training, RelyOn Nutec Canada provides all the tools needed to work in the harsh Atlantic Ocean.

Once completed, offshore workers will need to update their training every three years with a two-day BSTR (Basic Survival Training Recurrency Package). It’s the combination of thorough upfront learning and ongoing training maintenance that gives our offshore oil and gas workers the confidence to deal with any challenge.

Contributor bio

Man wearing glasses looking into the distance

John Hapgood, Center Manager
RelyOn Nutec Canada

With 27 years of military experience and numerous safety certifications, John ensures that RelyOn Nutec Canada training meets and exceeds all industry standards.